Hi, my name is Lykle de Vries. I am a speaker and consultant on Social Enterprise and Bitcoin at Thesis One.

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I was trained as an Industrial Design Engineer at Delft University of Technology.

I worked for Cordis, a Johnson & Johnson company for seven years, starting out as a packaging designer and ending up as a Business Information Analyst.

All the time, I enjoyed discovering this thing called ‘internet’ and early 2005 decided to really focus my interests and efforts on Social Business/web2.0/social media/the conversation that is made possible by all this new technology…

Together with Ronald Mulder, I currently run and own Thesis One. We believe that all markets are conversations, and we help our clients ‘get’ those conversations, both online and offline. And if you think you’ve heard that before, you’re right. We are big fans of The Cluetrain Manifesto.

We used to be involved in De Ondernemers BV, a Dutch outfit that helps their clients with New Business Development, including some projects of our own, from which Twitterfountain and Speakonomy were the most visible ones.

Together with Ard Boer, I also initiated New Music Labs, that focusses on developing Tools for Tribes. New Music Labs aims to help bands build better and longer lasting relationships with their fans. New Music Labs is built on the foundations that Ard an I laid down with Lopend Vuur, a Dutch music podcast.

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Entrepreneur @ Thesis One. Speaker and Evangelist on Social Business.

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