(Dutch) Stagiar gezocht voor Twitterfountain.com

Ergens in 2007 kreeg ik het idee om Twitter-berichten op een leuke manier te visualiseren, en bedacht me dat ze -rondom een kernwoord gebundeld- dan een mooi inkijkje konden geven in bijvoorbeeld de buzz rondom seminars en congressen. Flash-guru Erik Katerborg snapte het idee, en maakte er een eerste versie van.

Ondertussen zijn we drie jaar verder en wordt de nieuwste versie van Twitterfountain op meer dan 6000 websites wereldwijd gebruikt. Het gebruik van Twitterfountain op congressen neemt hand over hand toe, en steeds meer mensen gebruiken de term ‘Twitterfountain’ als algemene naam voor een backchannel.

Nieuwe versie Twitterfountain in voorbereiding

Om de verdere ontwikkeling van Twitterfountain mogelijk te maken, legden we contact met CDEF Holding, de mensen achter Seats2Meet en Mindz.com. We hebben gezamelijk een prachtig nieuw concept voor Twitterfountain in elkaar gezet, en gaan binnenkort verder bouwen aan iets waar we volgens ons nóg veel meer mensen blij mee kunnen maken.

Stagiair gezocht

We zijn per direct op zoek naar een stagiair (HBO-niveau) die ons kan helpen om de komende maanden Twitterfountain regelmatig in het nieuws/onder de aandacht te brengen van de wereld. Dat kan (en moet) online gebeuren, en dus wereldwijd, maar mag ook best nog resulteren in exposure op TV in bijvoorbeeld DWDD. Daarnaast help je ons bij het opzetten van een communicatie-/marketingplan voor de introductie van de nieuwe versie van Twitterfountain die we in ontwikkeling hebben.

Uiteraard verwachten we van je dat Social Media snapt en zelf intensief gebruikt. Je werkt ongeveer drie dagen per week vanuit ons hoofdkwartier.

Meer weten? Bel of mail me even. lykle@deondernemers.nl / 06 53766964 / @lykle. Lijkt het je wat? Mail me je CV en motivatie en nodig jezelf uit voor een kop koffie.

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Pleased to meet you (again)!

I just gave this site a new look by changing the template to something quite minimal/minimous, and I figured I would also update some of the info about me.

Hi, my name is Lykle de Vries.

I was trained as an Industrial Design Engineer at Delft University of Technology.

I worked for Cordis, a Johnson & Johnson company for seven years, starting out as a packaging designer and ending up as a Business Information Analyst.

All the time, I enjoyed discovering this thing called ‘internet’ and early 2005 decided to really focus my interests and efforts on web2.0/social media/the conversation that is made possible by all this new technology…

Together with Ritzo ten Cate and Ronald Mulder, I currently run and own De Ondernemers BV, a Dutch outfit that helps their clients with New Business Development. We focus on entrepreneurship and open innovation. We also have some projects of our own, from which Twitterfountain and Speakonomy are the most visible ones.

Together with Ard Boer, I also initiated New Music Labs, that focusses on developing Tools for Tribes. We aim to help bands build better and longer lasting relationships with their fans. Our first big product was launched January 2010: Tribe Monitor, a social statistics aggregator. New Music Labs is built on the foundations that Ard an I lay down with Lopend Vuur, a Dutch music podcast.

Pleased to meet you (again).

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Review of Idea 02: My Radio Alerts

As I mentioned yesterday, I am part of a crew that will take a look at each of Andrew Dubbers’ 30 Ideas and hopefully pick one out that we will then execute and implement in 30 days.

Andrew’s second idea is called My Radio Alerts and has a lot of appeal to me. Here are the things I like about it:

  • It brings more information my way. I hardly ever listen to the readio these days, this idea might just re-open that information channel for me
  • It also allows me to strongly filter that information: I only get alerts for the information that I am interested in.
  • It offers some leverage for the ‘old radio industry’ by opening up their content to more listeners. Which might make it more likely that they would support the concept.

I also see some challenges:

  • I would rather not be alerted to text in commercials, so they need to be filtered out first.
  • It needs a ‘relevance filter’. Why? With Google Alerts, it is easy for me to scan through the linked information because it is tekst-based and readable. With audio, it takes more effort to listen through attentively and once I discover the audio-segment to be of low information value, I have already wasted my time listening. If a term I’m interested in is only loosely referenced during chit-chat, I don’t want to be alerted.
  • Copyrights need to be cleared. Andrew did mention the 7 days Listen Again service of the BBC, but something similar might not exist (yet) for other radio stations

Are there bigger opportunities?

  • This will add some more ‘social’ statistics to information, that we could -for instance- add to our new Tribe Monitor (a New Music Labs service) to expand on the amount of detail that we offer to our users. Not just airplay, but also ‘talk-about-you’.
  • Aggregating these alerts, it is easy to identify actual trending topics for radio stations, which might be of interest to a number of parties willing to pay for that information

Just my two cents. Let’s see how it goes down in the Ideals Project Group.

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