Waarom ik Social Enterprise Bootcamp help organiseren #SEB071

Compaan Ronald vroeg me waarom ik (samen met hem en Annedien Hoen) mee help met het organiseren van het eerste Social Enterprise Bootcamp.

[youtube http://youtu.be/PkYe014h7L8]

Spreekt het je aan? We hebben op 20 juni plek voor maximaal tien deelnemers, en op dit moment kun je nog profiteren van de Early Birds-prijs van €499: SocialEnterpriseBootcamp.nlvzlomovod.ru

How about all this BitCoin-hoopla? Can Groningen devs help?

Almost six months ago, my interest in BitCoin was rekindled by a mention from Matt Mullenweg. I asked for some opinions, and received some. And then daily life took over once again…

The last couple of weeks, BitCoin emerged from the shadowy world in which it lived and got a well-lit spot in the eye of public attention. Check my Flipboard Channel for a collection of recent posts (requires Flipboard app).

Last night, Mt. Gox broke down, again, under the pressure of a DDoS-attack. Which basically tells us that we need more exchanges to keep BitCoin safe. So I started a discussion on Branch. Let’s see if there are any developers on Groningen that want to take on that challenge:

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