Looking Back On 2010? Brian Hazard: More People Bought AND Stole My Music Than Ever Before

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  1. More people bought my music than ever before. I was pleasantly surprised by both the number of pre-orders for my eighth full-length CD, and the enthusiasm for a personalized $99 CD-R I experimented with.
  2. More people stole my music than ever before. My new album appeared on several popular download sites, and Google Alerts lets me know about a handful of new download links every day. 

    Regardless of whether illegal downloading helps or hurts sales (my guess is the former), the important thing is that more people than ever are hearing my music.

    That’s all that will matter when the music subscription model takes hold.

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сколько стоит разработка и поддержка сайтамаркетинг аудит

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