What I will investigate in 2011, on a personal level

Yesterday, I asked you to tell me what to write about.

  • What topics would you like me to cover?
  • What knowledge do you think I can/should share with you?
  • How can I help you?

But I also mentioned that some topics were already coming up that I personally find interesting. I decided to use this blog to investigate these topics publicly, as I believe that these question are not just restricted to myself. I expect that my writing on these topics might also interest and/or inspire you.

What is my worth or value?

And I am not just talking about financial worth or value. Obviously, coming up with a concept like Twitterfountain.com and championing Speakonomy.com might (and should) lead to financial gains in some form, but they are expressions of something deeper: my creativity.

As Clay Shirky references in ‘Cognitive Surplus‘, information is not very valuable in itself. Knowledge is, and the ability to combine information and knowledge is what makes us the creative species we are.

So, wherein lies my knowledge and creativity? What makes people appreciate me, and turn to me for specific questions or challenges? That will be topic number one in 2011.

What is my ultimate work/life balance?

If we define ‘work’ as the things you do in order to create a living, I love to work. At my company (De Ondernemers BV) we do very exciting stuff, and I get to work with marvelous people as well. But I also work to love, and live. I need to set time apart for my girlfriend, family etc. I need to be able to kick back and reload. Just making lists in a GTD-app is not enough.

In 2011, I would like to further investigate how to create an ultimate work/life balance.

How do I love?

This feels like a risky subject, because in my world of reference, it has all sorts of mushy, non-factual connotations. But it is the ultimate driving force in everything anyone does. It drives my passion for music, and as a result my interest in what happens in the music industry. It drives my need to come up with new, innovative concepts for events and speakers. But I believe I hardly have scratched the surface of truly understanding what drives me.

What do I love? What do I love doing? How do I express that love? I will try to find out in 2011.

What drives you?

I would love to hear your thought on these topics. Leave them in the comments.

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