Awesome: House Burning Down – The Jimi Hendrix Experience

Electric Ladyland
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On its own, Electric Ladyland is a mindblowing album, right out there with Sgt. Pepper. On Electric Ladyland, there is so much to enjoy that it’s hard to just pick one thing to point out. Sonically, it is mesmerizing. Melodic, fantastic stuff happens. And overall, the album shows just how amazing a song smith Jimi Hendrix was, let alone a talented guitar player, sound inventor and singer.

House Burning Down might not seem like the obvious choice for most (check out the awesome 15 minute version of Voodoo Chile as well!), but it does exemplify the main reason I admire Jimi Hendrix. It shows you not just a maverick guitar hero, but also one that knows how to groove, swing and rock at the same time.


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