Mass-ecodus from MySpace still on schedule

Perfect example of “If you’re not paying for it, you’re not the customer: yo’re the product”.

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Myspace Product Manager Steve Clark approached me through my blog to have a chat about what was going on at Myspace, the big changes that they were making, and what they were doing to belatedly address the fact that they have access to (as I put it) every frickin’ band on the planet.

Now, I’ve been critical of Myspace in the past (to say the least). My complaints have been many and varied, but my concerns have been especially with respect to the fact that all of their efforts in the music space have been directed exclusively at major labels – and the fact that as an interface, both for artists and for fans, it’s a pile of crap.

A friend of mine once joked that you can’t polish a turd, but you can roll it in glitter. Basically, Myspace has been rolled in glitter.

Soon it will be October 24th
When I did my rant about Myspace nearly a year ago (which Steve tells me he’s quoted extensively in internal Powerpoint presentations), I suggested we give them until October 24th this year to sort everything out and properly respect the fact that they have every frickin’ band on the planet – and not only make the most of that opportunity, but actually provide a service to them that is helpful rather than contemptuous and outright exploitative.

My suggestion was that if they haven’t sorted things out by then, we stage a mass exodus. Everyone leave simultaneously.

You want a platform for your music? There are other choices. I will, of course suggest Bandcamp partly because (full disclosure here) I’m on their board of advisors, but mostly because I think it’s brilliant both for artists and for fans (which is why I’m on their board of advisors). There are other choices. The important point is would be that they’re not Myspace.

After my interesting, thoroughly pleasant, intelligent and amiable one-hour chat with the very nice man from Myspace music, it is my considered opinion that they are not capable of making those changes.



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Having ideas does not equal executing them

Derek Sivers blogged about the Guy Starts Dance Party video six months earlier, and after clever comments on that post, was inspired to turn it into an inspiring TED Talk about Leadership:

Derek: it is about the First Follower

It is not about the guy dancing alone, he’s just someone with a silly idea. It is about the first person to join the dance next. By doing so, the silly initiative turns into something that apparently is not just a party in one head. Someone said to Derek he should write a book about that, and he then handed it over to all of us.

Andrew: I’ll follow by doing

My friend Andrew Dubber picked up on Derek’s thoughts and gave it a bit of a twist by announcing that he would release 30 ideas to the world, free for all of us to consider and (if we liked any of them) execute.

Another Andrew: I’ll follow by helping to execute

Another Andrew then pledged to help organize whoever wanted to take part in all of this, under the banner of Project Idealism. And I joined.

Me: part of the cult?

So here we are, and Andrew Dubber just released the first of 30 ideas: Keymash. For me to get excited and dive into the execution, it needs to be a special idea.

  1. First off: I feel lucky to spend most of my time on stuff that I already am excited about doing. So it really needs to tickle me in certain places first to get me going at all;
  2. Secondly: I need to feel I can contribute. So it needs to match one or more of my capabilites I feel good about.
  3. Third: I need to believe in the idea enough to set aside a sufficiently big piece of my mind and time to execute

I like it idea number 1, Keymash, but have to say it does not match readily with the stuff I am currently working on and interested in. So I’ll pass on this one. Luckily, there’s 29 more to come!

Join Derek, Andrew, Andrew and me if you want

If you like the thinking behind all of these, please consider joining the initiative and help turn a great idea into concrete action!

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