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So hey, obviously, I just HAD to create a Twitterfountain for my brother’s amazing journey to Kazahkstan and back. I have been secretely adding his pictures to a new Flickr-account in order to make the Twitterfountain work with the pictures from their website.

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So proud of my brother, he has a town with his own name!

As you know, my brother Martin and his friend Tom are on a motorcycle trip to Kazahkstan and back. The trip takes them through 15 countries, one of them being Croatia. Where Martin discovered a town that shares his name.

I think that is pretty cool.

Martin poses next to the towns entrance
Martin poses next to the towns entrance

The Around2seas trip supports the fight against cancer. Click on the map to donate!
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Around2Seas Departure Day. Donate for Fight!

This morning was D-Day for my brother Martin and his friend Tom. Their roundtrip to Kazahkstan started in Den Bosch. Family and friends gathered to see them get on their motorcycles and to wish them a safe journey. Here are a few shots I took, and a short movie I pieced together.

Although they initiated this trip for their own pleasure, they will be donating any proceeds from this motorcycle trip to So please, head over to their site and donate some change to a good cause while you’re there.

Want updates? has a string of RSS-feeds for your enjoyment, and they will also post frequent updates to Twitter (follow @around2seas) whenever possible.

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