My kid brother will drive to Kazahkstan and back, on a motorcycle

In two weeks, my younger brother Martin will embark on an impressive undertaking: he will get on his motorcycle and drive to Kazahkstan. Once he’s there, he will only stop to plot his course home and drive back. He’s been planning this for over a year, together with his good friend Tom. The roundtrip will take them approximately two months, and judging from other’s experiences, it will be quite the adventure.

Tom and my brother Martin
Tom and my brother Martin


Martin and Tom set up a website to document their travels, and named it Around2Seas, because their trip will take them around both the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. If you go to the website now, you can already take a look at their planned route. During the trip, they will update as frequently as possible with photographs.


Fight Cancer

Presumably, this trip will generate some attention that can be put to good use. Although Tom and Martin will pay for their trip themselves, you can donate if you want. All proceeds will go to

So, head over to the site, check the pictures and updates and donate some money for a good cause if you want!

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