Product, Purpose, Consistency, and Social – In That Order – (by @baekdal)

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Lesson 1: The product rules!

What you do (your product) is what drives engagement on social channels, it’s not the other way around. Social media can maximize the effect, but it is like the icing on the cake. The icing can make all the difference, but without the cake, it is just puddle of goo.

Lesson 2: Purpose!

Apple’s purpose is to give you the best they make, and they often turn down business opportunities that would provide them with a short term boost in profit. Steve Jobs doesn’t care about what the shareholders want (just read this), the focus is entirely on the purpose of Apple.

Lesson 3: Consistency!

The reason why Apple can get away with this, is because they have proven themselves over a very long period of time. They have consistently demonstrated they can exceed our expectations, that their products really work, and that the build quality is top of the line.

Focus on your product, your purpose, and a consistent level of value. Social media can then extend that experience. It cannot build it.



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