Is Copyright a Barrier to Creativity?

Ten great discussion topics, from a group of highly recommended people.

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With the approach of the 300th anniversary of the Statute of Anne, we would argue that in essence the idea behind copyright, rewarding and protecting authors is one we support. However, what we do question is whether copyright in its present incarnation is fit for the current age and actually hinders creativity rather than encourage it.

For our contribution we want to look at just one aspect of copyright: access to, and knowledge of, ownership of work.

We propose some new ways of thinking about copyright, for discussion:

1. Creation of a central, online register of copyright works that is free, open and unambiguous.

2. The development of a resource for bands to independently sign up to and submit their music and copyright information.

3. The release of commercially inactive or economically unviable works into the public domain under a ‘use-it-or-lose-it’ copyright clause.

4. The reduction of copyright term, but each term renewable for active commercial works, so as to reward creators without lockdown of cultural works in the process.

5. Strong fair use and non-commercial use provisions.

6. Permission for non-commercial use assumed for all orphan works.

7. Strong copyright exceptions for libraries & scholarship.

8. Active expansion, promotion and propagation of the public domain.

9. Audit of major record label back catalogue to discover and liberate lost works.



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