Localize your wordpress site with GeoPosty

Awesome tool for bands to offer their fans specials based on their geographic location.

Amplify’d from thenextweb.com

For instance, let’s say that you are an artisan bread maker. People visit your site from all around the world, but you also have a shop. GeoPosty makes it easy for you to offer coupons to your local customers, who are likely to use them in store, without compromising your site’s design for non-local users.

Another use-case scenario would be if you’re hoping to expand your blog’s readership in a certain region. Visitors to your blog whose IP addresses correspond to that region could be offered special features such as local headlines or a survey asking them what would make the site more useful to them.

According to Mobiah, using GeoPosty is no more difficult than installing and managing a WordPress plugin.

It is, indeed, a pretty amazing set of features. Putting some thought into how you can use GeoPosty might just drive you to marketing your site in ways that you had never before thought possible.

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