When flux is inhibited…

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…slow death takes over. Contrast Texas and the other 49 states with the European Union. Between 1980 and 1995 Europe protected 12 million governmental jobs, and in the process of fostering stasis lost 5 million jobs in the private sector. The United States, fostering flux, saw a staggering 44 million old jobs disappear from the private sector. But 73 million new jobs were generated, for a net gain of 29 million, and in the process the United States kept its 12 million government jobs, too. If you can stand the turmoil, flux triumphs.

This notion of constant flux is familiar to ecologists and those who manage large networks. The sustained vitality of a complex network requires that the net keep provoking itself out of balance.

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365 Days, $10 Million, 3 Rounds, 2 Companies, All With 5 Magic Slides

Tim Young has some *excellent* tips for any entrepreneur pitching his lifeworks. Make sure to check out the entire post, it’s absolutely awesome.

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Understanding an investor’s perspective
The initial slide deck
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