Starbucks now accepting payments through iPhone app

This will work while we all wait for the Near-Field Communication chips to become commonplace in all phones.

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We’ve covered the green lady’s apps before, and it was about eight months ago that the company expanded a small pilot program in Seattle and Silicon Valley to all of their caffeine-dispensing outlets in U.S. Target stores. Now you can pay for your Venti Double-Shot Caramel Macchiato by simply waving your iPhone — loaded with the Starbucks app — at that emo teenage barista who is trying very hard to look intellectual and off-put.

The payment system doesn’t use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to send your bank account numbers to Starbucks headquarters. Instead, the app is linked to your Starbucks Card account, and you use it to display a barcode that is unique to your account. Point that at the scanner in your Starbucks, and your digital wallet becomes magically lighter.



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5 topics re. Silicon Valley versus New York

A great read, all five of them!

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  1. Monocultures have negative impact. Polycultures take longer to create powerful organisms but inherently build ones that are more adaptable.
  2. Living in a city is inherently a social experience. Living in a car-driven society isn’t.
  3. Everyone poaches techies — the New York tech scene was born of those people that can’t be poached and found ways to attract like-minds.
  4. Don’t look at adversity as something that can be overcome with brute force, deal with it as a normal condition and you will find innovative workarounds.
  5. Businesses are ultimately about money so to continue fostering success, valley startup might do well to act a little more like New York ones if they want to build sustainable futures.



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Silicon Valley’s Dark Secret: It’s All About Age

Tech engineers have become a commodity. Even specialists.

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And engineering is an “up or out” profession: you either move up the ladder or face unemployment. This is not something that tech executives publicly admit, because they fear being sued for age discrimination, but everyone knows that this is the way things are. Why would any company hire a computer programmer with the wrong skills for a salary of $150,000, when it can hire a fresh graduate—with no skills—for around $60,000?  Even if it spends a month training the younger worker, the company is still far ahead. The young understand new technologies better than the old do, and are like a clean slate: they will rapidly learn the latest coding methods and techniques, and they don’t carry any “technology baggage”.  As well, the older worker likely has a family and needs to leave by 6 pm, whereas the young can pull all-nighters.



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