The basic solution to secondary ticketing that benefits the venue and the artist

The most compelling reason for any venue to ditch Ticketmaster!

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In October 2009, the Cavaliers ditched Ticketmaster in favor of Veritix’s Flash Seats. The service is unique in that it allows fans to buy tickets online and transfer them to anybody else via email, even reselling them in an official online marketplace designed to compete with StubHub and eBay. Every time a ticket changes hands, Flash Seats tracks the change and allows Tomon and his sales staff to monitor the pricing.

The information this generates can be useful. When they analyzed last season’s Flash Seat numbers, for example, Tomon and his staff learned that fans sitting in rows one through five of the end zones were reselling their tickets for considerably more than those in rows six through 15. The Cavs’ response was quick: Increase prices for the first five rows and thus beef up revenue. “The depth of the data will absolutely make your head spin,” Tomon says.



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