Snap Bird opens up your Twitter-archive

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Snap Bird is an easy as pie way to search your Twitter history beyond the 10 days that Twitter Search allots you. It also allows you to search only within your friends tweets, within your DM’s and within any user’s favorites.

Snap Bird

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Please take a minute for the Twitterfountain survey

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Since we are working on the new Twitterfountain we would like to know a little bit more about our you and what you think about Twitterfountain. That’s why we put our intern on the job to set up a questionnaire.

We think he did a great job and now we need you, the user, to fill out the survey! It will only take a few minutes to complete but it will help us immensely with our next steps.

You can find the Twitterfountain survey here. Please forward it to your friends to improve the future Twitterfountain!



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Promoted Tweets: killed by it’s own features?

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  • Promoted tweets via Twitter are sold for $100,000 or more.

  • Many in advertising and marketing find it more cost effective to simply establish a Twitter account for free and target customers as they wish.

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