Bronfman: Spotify is a real and growing revenue stream

In what is likely his final interview before leaving Warner Music, Bronfman defended Spotify’s ability to drive more value for artists and labels. “Everywhere we look, Spotify is incrementally positive,” Bronfman said. Later in the discussion he noted that the streaming music startup is “a real and growing revenue stream.”ezoterika-online

Top music industry legal executive leaves Warner for Apple

When will Apple finally get their TV-series and Movie licenses sorted out for the EU? Could this guy make a difference?

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Billboard reported this week that Elliott Peters, Warner’s senior VP and head of digital legal affairs, will leave the company in the next month to work at Apple. There, he will be the corporate attorney director for iTunes and Internet services, based in Luxembourg.
Peters has been with Warner since 2000, where he eventually became the company’s first digital lawyer. A memo sent to Warner employees noted that Elliot “has had a hand in almost every major WMG digital deal.”

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