Mixed Tapes!

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Wasn’t it beautiful, weren’t we cool… Oh those days! We used to mix tapes for ourselves, our friends and… for the cutest girls whom we would impress with personalized tapes, full of music they didn’t know yet. For hours we would lock ourselves on our rooms, alone with records, 12″-s, singles, a turntable and a tape-deck. A perfect mix of two times 45 minutes, and you will be remembered for ever!
Who does not remember the time ‘auto reverse’ was introduced? Wow! That was innovation! And innovation lasted: now we have Spotify! An online library with a wide range of artists and genres! And with the possibility to share it with your friends.

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OASIS: Playing Lego with Kinect style camera and interactive projector system

OASIS: Object-Aware Situated Interactive Systems

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iFan, charge your iPhone with wind.

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iFan in motion

Your Smartphone relies on high tech battery power and power management which
you charge almost every day in your outlet in just half an hour.
By using a modified compputer fan it took me 6 hours to charge my
phone, rather long I think… but it works.
I can shave off many charging hours by redesigning the fan blades, making it
more efficient in catching the wind while sun bathing at the beach, doing walking trips
in the mountains or just holding it outside your car window while driving along…
i’ll keep you posted.

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