The Social Guardian points to the future of real-time news sharing [TNW Media]

Open the gates, let your audience find ways to re-arrange your offerings an behold: beauty emerges. The Guardian managed to properly impress me with this.

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The Social Guardian has been built using The Guardian’s API and while it looks quite plain, it’s actually an brilliant idea. Logging in to the site with your Twitter account, you can see what other Twitter users are reading using the service, refreshed in real-time as they load new articles.
The site was built during a Guardian Innovation Day event last week by a team of developers including developer advocate Michael Brunton-Spal. “This does not represent any strategic thinking by The Guardian”, Brunton-Spal tells us. ”The Guardian is not providing any time to work on it at the moment (since I have a mountain of real work to get done), but I’m sure we’ll try a few tweaks in our spare time.”



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