Free of Charge For Just $199 – (by @baekdal)

If you behave badly, word about it spreads. Some for good behavior. What would be the obvious choice for you?

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I said, “Great, but why exactly are giving me all this for free?”

And, then she continued blabbering about Whitesmoke at which point she kind of mentioned, in the middle of a sentence, that I just had to pay a one time fee.

She then continued enthusiastically to try to convince me of all the benefits, but I pressed on, and finally she revealed that the price would be $199. Keep in mind that the software I had already purchased only costs $69. I wasn’t exactly feeling very VIP at this moment. It was like paying premium for software I will probably never use.

This had nothing to do with them trying to be nice. It was probably just the result of their executives learning that they had a lot of one-time customers. They were really just trying to squeeze more money out of them, by fooling people into thinking they are selected for special VIP treatment.




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