Bill of Rights in Cyberspace, amended, by Jeff Jarvis

Enough to discuss right there.

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I. We have the right to connect.
II. We have the right to speak freely.
III. We have the right to assemble and act.
IV. Information should be public by default, secret by necessity.
V. What is public is a public good.
VI. All bits are created equal.
VII. The internet shall be operated openly.



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iTunes Connect Online Application

Should make it possible to publish directly to iTunes, without the need for an intermediary like TuneCore or CDBaby. For books, too.

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Welcome to iTunes Connect.

This application is intended solely for use by persons who either own or control a catalog of content for digital distribution, or are an authorized representative of someone who does.

From the list below, select the content type you are interested in applying to distribute. You can apply for more than one type, but they have separate applications.

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