The Un-Convention iPhone app has been updated for #uncon16

Expect more content to be pushed during Un-Convention Groningen 2011.

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“A series of music conferences aimed specifically at the grass roots of the industry, the goal of Un-Convention is to bring together like minded individuals to discuss the future of Independent music. From DIY labels, and self releasing bands, to promoters and agents, entrepreneurs and innovators, Un-Convention is looking to the future of music, and how it will develop and flourish in the technological age.”

De Un-Convention iPhone App brengt jou alle news, videos, podcasts en muziek van Un-Convention, rechtstreeks in je broekzak!



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Beatles being paid directly by iTunes in deal

or not?

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According to industry sources, iTunes is paying the Beatles’ royalties from digital download sales in the United States directly to the band’s company, Apple Corps, and is paying the songwriting mechanical royalties directly to Sony/ATV Music Publishing, which controls most of the Beatles’ song catalog.
Under a standard contract, a label issues an album, licenses the songs from music publishers, collects all wholesale revenue from the retailers and then distributes royalties to the artist and the publisher.
For superstar artists, the royalty typically equals about 20%-25% of retail revenue. So in the case of iTunes’ Beatles sales, where tracks are sold to the merchant for about 90 cents and are retailed for $1.29, a standard contract with a typical superstar royalty rate of 20%-25% would pay the Beatles about 18 cents to 22.5 cents per track sale.
But because iTunes is making royalty payments to the Beatles and Sony/ATV, EMI may be treating its deal with the digital retailer as a licensing pact.



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The Beatles on iTunes: why we care

This last move might also save EMI’s future.

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So why do we care? Because this is one of the last times you’re going to see the recording industry in a position of power. It’s like seeing a majestic Dodo in action for one last time. The obstinacy that has led to doing things the same way since the 50s (there are likely LPs that have been in print that long, being sold the same way, like produce) at last is running out of steam.



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