What is BEAM? At first glance, it is not nice to your fans

Because they can only enjoy your music in the proprietary BEAM player. A fact that supposedly is countered by offering a rich multimedia experience. In that same proprietary browser.

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It is a Full Quality album, Downloadable and Playable only inside Beam platform.

  • Can be downloaded only if user knows the Beam Album Unlock Code(s) and upon download he may not share or copy it.

  • A Beam album is connected with an online Beam Browser enabling bands to present any information (announce gigs, sell advertising space, sell Cd’s or tickets, present their digital booklet, link with other networks.)

  • Every track is connected to the Online MP3 shop of your choise so that fans buy the MP3 in order to play them outside application.

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Best Connected Individuals Are Not the Most Influential Spreaders in Social Networks

Another argument in favor of quality, versus quantity.

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The importance of hubs may have been overstated, say Kitsak and pals. “In contrast to common belief, the most influential spreaders in a social network do not correspond to the best connected people or to the most central people,” they say.

By contrast, “a less connected person who is strategically placed in the core of the network will have a significant effect that leads to dissemination through a large fraction of the population.”

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