Governance in the age of Wikileaks — Part 1

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To date, the odd­est thing I have noticed is that Wik­ileaks, the orga­ni­za­tion, has yet to be charged with any crime yet many actors unre­lated to it have taken its cause to per­form crim­i­nal acts. First and fore­most has been the response from oppo­nents of wik­ileaks. To assume that Ama­zon, Visa, Mas­ter­card, Post­Fi­nance, and Dyn­DNS did not receive some level of exter­nal pres­sure is to be fairly naïve: while each com­pany has found, in its own way a jus­ti­fi­ca­tion for its behav­ior but the com­bined action seems to point to pres­sures being applied out­side of legal channels.

So if Wik­ileaks broke some laws, why not indict it in a court of law, allow­ing it the appro­pri­ate due process. And if it didn’t, why were pres­sures applied? The pre­sump­tion of inno­cence is a cher­ished right in the United States and the United States sup­ports the exten­sion of such a right to the inter­net. So let’s let wik­ileak have its day in court or stop its per­se­cu­tion through non-legal means.



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