CD Baby Founder Recounts A Tale Of Steve Jobs, iTunes, And Broken Promises

It isn’t exactly difficult to find stories detailing how tough it can be to work with Apple and Steve Jobs — the web is rife with accounts from former Apple employees, developers, and partners providing a small glimpse of how things tick inside 1 Infinite Loop. But for some reason, these stories never get old. Tonight, there’s a new tale to add to the annals of Apple history that comes from CD Baby founder Derek Sivers, which he’s called The day Steve Jobs dissed me in a keynote.

I’ll steer you to Siver’s post for the conclusion of the story, which you can find here (spoiler: things worked out fine). It’s really a fascinating look at the way things work in Cupertino. And perhaps should stand as a warning for anyone in a business where they don’t have full control over how their promises play out.



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