Check-ins allow stores to present you with custom-made offers

You, the customer, are actually starting to initiate the advertizing to yourself.

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Online check-ins, as a trend and use-case, have created a remarkably compelling opportunity for offline merchants to interact with consumers who are in the store before the sale happens. When you announce you’re at a store or restaurant by checking into Foursquare or Facebook Places, for example, your experience can be shaped and molded in compelling ways.

This is precisely why check-ins are incredibly powerful—they give the offline merchants an opportunity to shape your behavior before you buy or consume. Unfortunately, check-ins alone provide little value to merchants in the absence of contextual data about you. And checking into a place definitely does not equate to liking it. Imagine how many restaurants you visit, then consciously decide to never return to. Without a feedback loop this context will be used erroneously for future offers and recommendations.



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Mooie muziek op 6 november! Komt allen naar de Lopend Vuur Offline

Komende week is het weer zover, Lopend Vuur organiseert een Offline. Ditmaal in Poppodium Romein, in Leeuwarden. Ik weet het, dat is voor de meeste Groningers best een eindje weg, maar nog steeds veel dichterbij dan 013 of Paradiso, of niet dan?

We hebben drie leuke bands weten te strikken: The Kevin Costners, Silence is Sexy en Elfar. Alledrie bands met een goede sound en veel energie. Alledrie bands die er hard, en slim, aan werken om de wereld te veroveren. Hieronder vind je alvast drie portretten.

Donderdag 6 november, Poppodium Romein, deuren op 20.00 uur, toegang €6.

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