weekly TED-pick: Rachel Botsman: The case for collaborative consumption

Un-Convention co-founder Jeff Thompson directed me towards this particular TED-talk in which Rachel Botsman illustrates how we humans are actually hard-wired to share information.

Modern technology allows us to tackle the problem that economists call “the coincidence of once”. Something that was not so easy to solve even ten years ago. Modern technology helps us build trust between strangers. It actually re-activates out basic, natural instincts to collaborate.

According to Rachel Botsman, there are four drivers to this:

  1. A renewed sense of the importance of community
  2. A torrent of peer-to-peer social networks and real-time technologies
  3. Pressing unresolved environmental concerns
  4. A global recession that has fundamentally shocked consumer behaviors

It’s more hip than hippie 🙂 Read more at Collaborative Consumption

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