Jumping into Empty Space – Ernst Bergen

jumping into empty space
Jumping into Empty Space - Ernst Bergen

I was raised in a Mennonite tradition (Dutch: Doopsgezind) but never actually joined that particular church, or any church for that matter. I do like to think that this background added to my capability to relate to the different views that people can have towards various religious, social and cultural topics.

I was surprised to read this book, because of two things. First off, it offers an unusual frank insight into the development of a young democracy like that of Paraguay. Secondly, the frankness of Ernst Bergen about his religious beliefs and the important role they played in every aspect of his life was refreshing.

The importance of feedback and reflection

The book is not particularly well written, but it does appear to be very honest. To me, it is important because it helped me realize the importance of feedback. Although I might not seek the advice of God in any of my life or business decisions, the value of proper consideration and reflection before taking action is obvious to me.

We should not rush into things, we should consider the effect our actions have on our family, our surroundings and ourselves. It helps to validate the considered actions against goals that we set ourselves.

Ernst Bergen describes his goals in very straightforward terms and shares them with his fellow workers and family. By doing so, he created a sense of ‘us’ and togetherness that stimulated others to join and help. This book does a great job in reminding the reader not only of the importance of this, but also in the actual results that come out of such a deliberate and conscious effort.

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