PlacePop Gives Facebook Places The Dashboard It Should Have Launched With

There is a bunch more missing from Facebook Places, at the moment. I’m pretty certain that won’t last long.

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Facebook Places appears to be off to a strong start, with integration into services like Gowalla, Yelp, and SCVNGR. But it also has some pretty glaring omissions, namely the fact there’s not really a good way to do much with Places data from the browser. Now PlacePop, a startup that launched at our CrunchUp in July, has fixed that with a new Facebook application that gives you an overview of how you friends are using Facebook Places. You can access the new application right here.Read more at
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PlacePop’s core product is an iPhone application that lets businesses create virtual rewards cards (see our previous post for more info). CEO Kent Lindstrom (who formerly ran Friendster) says that there are plans to integrate Places data into the PlacePop iPhone app (checking in on Facebook will count as ‘swiping’ your card at a venue).



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