Tribes, het nieuwe boek van Seth Godin komt eraan!

Seth Godin, schrijver van onder andere Purple Cow en all-around inspirerende marketing-denker, heeft een nieuw boek klaar: Tribes.

Hugh Macleod, de man van de Gaping Void cartoons, stelde Seth een tiental vragen. Eentje ervan pik ik er hier uit, de rest kun je bij Hugh zelf lezen, natuurlijk:

Hugh: So much traditional marketing is built around the idea of “Merit” i.e. good quality, good prices etc. But the older I get, I keep asking myself, “What’s the story here? What’s the REAL story that people are GENUINELY going to want to tell other people?” Do you see Storytelling as a form of Leadership? How about vice versa?

Seth: In All Marketers Are Liars, my point was that people buy stories, not stuff, and it’s stories that spread, not stuff. An iPod made by Garmin wouldn’t be an iPod, would it? It’s the story and the affect and the whole aura that makes it worth $200.

I think you’ve hit the issue on the head. Leaders tell stories. Gandhi or King or Che or yes, Rush Limbaugh. They tell stories. The stories matter and the words matter. Of course OF COURSE the product has to live up to the story, the service has to be there, the story has to be true. But no story, not idea, no marketing.

Tribes komt uit op 16 oktober en is nu al te bestellen bij o.a. Amazon.

Book cover of "Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us"
Book cover via Amazon

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