Madlibs For Pitches: How To Perfect The One Sentence Pitch

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My company, __(insert name of company)__, is developing __(a defined offering)__ to help __(a defined audience)__ __(solve a problem)__ with __(secret sauce)__.



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Tech megatrends from an early investor

“Innovation in behavior” is ultimately what drives mass adoption, isn’t it?

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  • Social
  • Real Time
  • Location Based Services
  • The Urban Entrepreneur
  • Mobile
  • Flash Sales
  • Behavior & Transactions

How a startup plays into these trends is taken into consideration when SV Angel ponders an investment. The trends include:

The most fascinating trend is the “Urban Entrepreneur” – which SV Angel says is represented by startups like Twitter and Foursquare. “A new field of entrepreneurs is developing where key insights are coming from founders in large cities” says the report. It adds “[technology tools]…have led entrepreneurs to find innovation in behavior, rather than technology, at least within social media.”



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