Amazon Slashes AWS S3 Prices Up To 19%

Great stuff for almost any developer/online company

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Looks like Amazon has reduced the storage costs on its popular Amazon Web Services’ “Simple Storage Service” (S3) yet again. As of November 1st, S3 users in the US Standard, EU – Ireland, and APAC – Singapore regions will be paying up to 19% less in overall monthly storage charges.

Along with these changes Amazon has also rejiggered its pricing tiers; adding a new tier at 1 Terabyte, and removing the 50-100 Terabyte tier, therefore extending the volume discounts to more users.

Amazon, which recently introduced a ‘Free Usage Tier’ for AWS Amazon, is continuing to drive down the developer costs for storing existing data, emphasizing the advantages of using cloud computing versus a fixed hard drive for storage.



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