Don’t just give me your music, I don’t want it #uncon12

A musician approached me today, asking me if I would accept this cd with songs from his band. I said no, and was then smited for saying the possibly rudest thing ever to this very musician.

I’m sorry, but you’re wrong.

I have plenty of opportunities to listen to music. I am bombarded with it, since music is virtually everywhere. So I tend to be quite specific about the way I would like to find new music. One way is through a trusted network: friends, relatives, people who’s opinion I trust and who’s personel musical preferences I am familiar with. They are the source of the most relevant musical suggestions. Secondly, I might come across some interesting reviews or remarks that make me listen to music online. And this is where it all went wrong today for this particular musician.

For me to take an interest into anyone’s music, is to first want to give it a bit of attention. Attention that I just as likely spend on other stuff that matters to me. So if you want to have me listen to your music, you will have to make it matter to me. For instance by introducing yourself to me, and making the effort of telling me a bit about yourself, your band, your music, whatever. We might strike up a nice conversation, and you might get the impression that I am in fact taking an interest.

Then, and only then do you try and give me your music. Otherwise, it’s waisted on me, and you spoiled a perfectly good opportunity to win one more fan.

It’s basically like Steve Lawson said today in one of the Unconvention Salford panels:

“My “fans” are either listeners or friends, and listeners are just the friends I haven’t met yet” – @solobasssteve

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