From mobile to sixth sense: Viva la Focus! 2009

Today I presented at Viva la Focus! 2009. I was invited based on my work for De Ondernemers BV, Lopend Vuur and my previous presentations on Web2.0.

This time, they asked if I could focus (…) on the role of the mobile phone. After kicking that request around a bit, I decided to compile a presentation that went beyond the influence of the mobile phone. In my view, the current version of the mobile phone is only an in-between one.

First: no more traditional channels

All regular channels, like newspapers, television and radio are fading. Instead of a committee deciding on what is suitable to present to you, the consumer, you and I are now making our own choices. Selecting from all the available content worldwide. The Internet is the big enabler behind this sea-change, making all kinds of content and information available within seconds.

Second: portable gear

There used to be one place in your house where information entered your world: the TV-set. Then we added a PC, which slowly started replacing the TV. Then we added a laptop computer, so we could take our information-tool with us on the road. We added wireless networks, and started using our mobile phones as information powerhouses. But still, we needed the mobile phone as a tool, a port to all that information online.

Beyond: smart objects and the sixth sense

Now we are starting to make objects smart, and adding intuitive interfaces to these objects. These allow us to create and find information even faster. And: more precise. We are turning tables into smart surfaces that recognize our equipment and allow for multi-touch handling of images etc. We are creating siftables, that can be whatever we want them to be. And we have found a way to create a real Sixth Sense, and make whatever additional information we require available in every situation.

My Point

As fun as mobile phones have become, we are still not even half way in realising the potential that lies in creating newer, faster and more intuitive ways of getting information right where and when we need it.

My slides (in Dutch) are below. This being the very first version of this story, it is still very much a work in progress, so please bear with me (or add any comments that you feel will help me) while I work on it to make it better!

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