Videoreport: Pecha Kucha Nights XI in de Suikerfabriek

Last April 21st, the eleventh edition of Pecha Kucha Nights Groningen took place, in the abandoned Sugar Factory of Groningen. Regional station OOG TV sent a crew that reported the Pecha Kucha Night on OOG TV. Cameraman Kim Chae Young de Vink also made his own edit of the material he filmed.

For a nice impression, and some (Dutch spoken) quotes by a few folks, including me, check out this movie:

Update: And another nice movie, time-lapsed shots of the location and the crowds flowing in and out. One photo every 20 second, so you can see echt slide of every presenter on the screen!

Pecha Kucha Night Groningen XI, Suiker unie from Herman Kopinga on Vimeo.авито москва объявленияпродвижение сайта на ucoz

Author: lykle

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