What about the ‘protected’ format of Pecha Kucha Nights?

Pecha Kucha Nights Groningen #15 Sociale Innovatie
Pecha Kucha Nights Groningen #15 Sociale Innovatie

Mark Hoekstra (of Geektechnique fame), introduced Pecha Kucha Nights in Groningen (and The Netherlands) a long time ago. Since his unexpected and tragic death, I am proud to be part of a small crew that continues to organise Pecha Kucha Nights in Groningen, partly in his honour.
Last Monday, the fifteenth edition of a Groningen Pecha Kucha Night took place, in Leeuwarden. I was allowed a few words to kick off the event and share the idea and specifics of Pecha Kucha with the audience. Obviously, I mentioned the 20 slides, 20 seconds criteria, and I also referred to the fact that a license is part of the world of Pecha Kucha Nights.

“If it requires a license, it is not an open format!”

I was amazed by the response I received on that particular bit of information. Since the theme of this particular edition was “Social Innovation” (Dutch link), I anticipated enthusiastic comments regarding the fast pace and the easy way that Pecha Kucha allows a series of people to quickly present their projects and then interact directly in the breaks and afterwards.

Instead, a few people came up to me and said that they objected to the fact that a license is required to put on a Pecha Kucha Nights. They claimed that that was old-fashioned, and couter to the open atmosphere and attitude that Pecha Kucha Nights promoted.

I think they were projecting their own (old-fashioned) rules and expectations on a new way of sharing successful ideas. They associated ‘license’ with restriction, not ‘setting the stage for successful growth’.

It requires a license, because you have to commit to a shared vision

As anyone can read, Pecha Kucha Nights is very open about what it is that they want to see happen, but this is the most important to me:

City organizers are really seen as stewards of the PechaKucha spirit, not owners!

So the license acts as a token of your commitment and promise to do it ‘the Pecha Kucha’-way. It is called a ‘handshake’ for that reason.

What do you think?

Do you think this is the best way to go about creating a uniform, globally recognizable event? Does utilizing a license appear counterintuitive in this day and age of open sharing.What are your pro’s and con’s? Let me know in the comments!

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Pecha Kucha #14: Special Care Edition

Als vanouds op een spannende plek. Ditmaal in de duurste ruimte van het ziekenhuis… en die zou wel eens wat verrassingen kunnen opleveren. Je wordt onder begeleiding naar de plaats van handeling vervoerd, dus wees op tijd: als je te laat bent kun je niet meer naar binnen!

Zoals je ondertussen gewend bent van de Groninger Pecha Kucha’s, vindt ook deze editie plaats op in een zeer bijzondere locatie: de kelder van het UMCG.

Special Edition

De operatiekamer van de toekomst, hoe ziet die eruit? Het UMCG in Groningen onderzoekt het. In een grote manifestatie met ontwerpers, architecten en zorgprofessionals. Speciaal voor die gelegenheid: een Pecha Kucha Special Edition: Pecha Kucha Care.

Kom langs op deze thema-editie over de operatiekamer. Professionals uit de operatiekamer delen hun onvoorstelbare verhalen.

Als vanouds op een spannende plek. Ditmaal in de duurste ruimte van het ziekenhuis… en die zou wel eens wat verrassingen kunnen opleveren. Je wordt onder begeleiding naar de plaats van handeling vervoerd, dus wees op tijd: als je te laat bent kun je niet meer naar binnen!


* Greta Antuma
* Henk ten Cate Hoedemaker
* Bert Dercksen
* Peer Goudswaard
* Erik Heineman
* Anneke Hooymans
* Erik van der Jagt
* Niels Maijers
* Nico Meessen
* Peter Meyer
* Bert Oosterkamp
* Tjip van der Werf

Let op! Deze Pecha Kucha is anders dan je van ons gewend bent. De presentaties zijn namelijk allemaal operatiekamergerelateerd.

datum: vrijdag 1 oktober
tijd: 17:20 – 19:20 uur
locatie: UMCG, Oostersingel 47 Groningen, Voorzieningengebouw (zie het plaatje voor de precieze entreeplek)
organisatie: Platform GRAS i.o.v. UMCG
informatie: pechakuchagroningen.nl / pecha-kucha.org
aanmelden (voor bezoekers): niet nodig.
aanmelden (voor sprekers): voor deze editie niet meer mogelijk. Voor toekomstige edities: MAIL ONS.

Download de flyer

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Coming up: Global Pecha Kucha Night for Haiti, February 20th!

In a matter of seconds, thousands of lives and dreams were destroyed in Haiti.
Following the tragedy, aid came from many quarters, in all shapes and forms. The global PechaKucha community is coming together with Architecture for Humanity to lend a hand in rebuilding Haiti and establish long-term solutions. Please help us spread the word about our global event in February: 20 images x 20 seconds, 200 cities, 2,000 presentations, 200,000 people. Rebuilding a nation 20 seconds at a time.
This is a true, last minute, we‐can‐do‐it fundraiser, mobilized less than a 20 days ago, spreading today to over 130 cities globally with 100% of proceeds destined for ready‐to‐go reconstruction projects in earthquake‐ravaged Haiti. Why this matters:
“The fact is more people died in Haiti than in the 12 countries affected by the ‘04 Tsunami. Oh, and rainy season begins in a week. So this natural disaster IS a big deal and it’s going to get rough.”
Cameron Sinclair, Founder and eternal optimist @ Architecture for Humanity.

Pecha Kucha Night for Haiti

Global PechaKucha Night for Haiti – 2/20/10

On 20th February many of the 280 cities that host PechaKucha events worldwide will converge to present one continuous 24-hour edition of PechaKucha Night. Beginning in Tokyo 2003 as an online networking and exhibition event, PechaKucha has become a massive global event inspiring creative communities from Uganda to Norway. Kicking off at SuperDeluxe in Tokyo, where PechaKucha Night first started seven years to the day (20th Feb 2003), the a presentation ‘wave’ will travel westward, with cities presenting one after the other. Crossing all times zones and cultures, the ‘wavecast’ will be streamed live online on Ustream and will be viewable not only on computers, but also on any iPhone or Android handset.

Some presentations intend to offer hope and encouragement through stories of past disaster relief projects, others simply inspire by showing the power of creative thinking.

All of the 2,000 presentations generated from the one-day event – in what could be the world’s biggest single-day globally distributed conference – will be posted on the PechaKucha website, where visitors will also be able to make monetary donations to each presentation.

100% of proceeds will go to Architecture For Humanity which operates globally, and was instrumental in getting projects built after the Indian Ocean tsunami and Hurricane Katrina.

“We are not the first responders, we’re the last responders and we’re in for the long haul. We estimate having teams in Haiti for 4 years but we will only do that with the financial support of others.”
Cameron Sinclair, Founder and eternal optimist @ Architecture for Humanity.

In organizing this event PechaKucha intends to not only raise funds through pledges from host cities and contributions from individuals but also illustrate the power of innovative minds, creative passion and, most of all, sharing ideas for change and sustainability.

More information about the project and cities which are holding events


Watch Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham, PechaKucha Founders in Tokyo launch the project jointly with Cameron Sinclair, Founder of Architecture for Humanity who was in Davos at the World Ecomonic Forum – this is a good example of how the presentation will be archived on the web site:

http://www.pecha-kucha.org/presentations/50 (always go full screen)

Personal letter from Cameron Sinclair


First PechaKucha Presentation for Haiti by composed by Brian LeBarton (Beck) to photographs taken in Haiti by Francesco Valentino as he we was trying to find his family – is now live.

http://www.pecha-kucha.org/presentations/52 (always go full screen)

All events in February are in support of PechaKucha for Haiti. Find a city near you.


PechaKuchaWAVE broadcast on Ustream, viewable on any iPhone, Android handset, download the iPhone, Andriod player app now!


PechaKucha Ustream channel


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