Mark Hoekstra Pecha Kucha Award

One year ago, Mark Hoekstra passed away unexpectedly. Mark was member Nieuwe Garde-lid, Bright-blogger and most famous for Mark also brought Pecha Kucha tot Groningen, and was very close with the founders of Pecha Kucha. Yesterday, the lovely people of Pecha Kucha released this:


Mark liked to ‘get his geek on’ and his blog showed the world how to get it’s collective geek on. Whether a iPod charger for his bicycle, a love-toy made from hacked Ikea products or his iNoPhone collection – Mark inspired many with his amazing creativity which he so generously shared. PechaKucha Night met Mark, as you would, expect online and shortly after PechaKucha Night Groningen was born with the first event held in October 2006. PechaKucha Nights were held all over the city in old churches, department stores – Mark and PechaKucha even made onto national TV. Sadly and very unexpectedly Mark passed away on the 20 September 2008. He was 34.


To celebrate Mark’s life and his passion for the GEEK in us all the PechaKucha Foundation and the PechaKucha Groningen team are launching the ‘Mark Hoekstra PechaKucha Award’ annual award today, one year after he passed away, to find the person with the most GEEK technique! This award seeks to celebrate projects, ideas that express  ‘GEEK technique’ to make the world a better, simpler and funnier place. We will be looking for PechaKucha presentations that are pro-social, pro-environment and pro-city and embody Mark’s love for the geek. Explore Mark’s amazing blog for inspiration!
Full details of the award, judging system and how to upload your presentations will be announced in January when the web site for the award is launched.
We are working with several wonderful sponsors to bring this project to fruition. If you would like to support the project in anyway please feel free to contact us:

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