Some thought on where to go from here

This blog has been around (in various forms) since 2006. Initially, I blogged (in Dutch) about stuff related to Nieuwe Garde, eventually this turned into a regular personal blog with the occasional update.

I think I lost you

For the second part of 2010, I used this blog mainly to share interesting articles I found in my various RSS-feeds, hoping that you would appreciate my curation of these articles. In the process, whatever interaction I had with you, my reader, disappeared from this blog and moved mostly to Twitter. This, I think is not exactly what I wanted.

So I am considering how to proceed from here.

How do I engage you?

First and foremost, I guess I will have to provide you with information, either self-generated or curated, that interests you. For you to take an interest, I believe the content of this weblog need to be of apparent interest to me. If I write about stuff that I care passionately about, that energy will shine through and attract readers.

Some topics are coming up already, I will post on that pretty soon.

Secondly, I need to foster the conversation better. I decided to do this by replacing the existing WordPress comments-system with Disqus, an tool that brings all comments and related tweets into one conversation. But that’s just the technical side of it. The re is a more important thing I think I need to do.

Why don’t I ask you?

But most importantly, I think I will start the conversations differently. I will start to ask questions more, instead of only sending my opinions into the world.

So here it is, please leave your feedback below:

  • What topics would you like me to cover?
  • What knowledge do you think I can/should share with you?
  • How can I help you?

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Author: lykle

Kalm, nieuwsgierig en vastberaden. Stelt de juiste vragen als dagvoorzitter/moderator.

5 thoughts on “Some thought on where to go from here”

  1. Actually, the topics are almost irrelevant. I’m more interested in Lykle the person. There are so many blogs out there with abstract analyses of music industry trends, entrepreneurship and so on – I prefer to get a sense of the individual character that is doing the interpretation. A bit of personal narrative, a glimpse into the human side and so on.

    That’s just me, though. My favourite blogs are always the ones that allow you to understand the speaker, not just the words, and so that’s what I try to do on my own site: things I do and stuff I find interesting. That could be anything from a trip to visit family to a theory about online culture. It’s the overall sum of the parts – the blog as a whole – that I think is interesting, rather than individual topics.

    Besides… what I think about any given topic always changes and develops over time, but I feel like that development would seem like fickle mind-changing if the journey that led me to new thoughts was entirely left out.

    On their own, the ideas are interesting – but I always think that more of the person in the posts adds useful and relatable context.

  2. I guess that behind my question there is also a certain self-awareness that tries to tell me to not put my own personal affairs into the spotlight. But there is all-out detail-about-everything and a more moderated/balanced telling of my adventures… Let me think on that for a bit, thanks!

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