Ron Gonggrijp On the Twitter court order

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I could easily spend all my time answering the same questions with the same answers instead of taking some time to think for myself. This is not your fault. I can see there’s a story here and you need to cover it. I just hope you’ll forgive me for writing down my thoughts just once on this blog. I realize you may “just have a few questions” or desperately need my voice or footage of my talking head, but I’ll most likely still point you to this text. It’s nothing personal.

Being involved in a criminal investigation, and especially one which is likely to have huge political pressure behind it, is a very serious matter. So I am talking to lawyers, trying to better understand what is going on and I am weighing my options. Frequent readers of this blog will likely be the first to know if I have something new to say.



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Some thought on where to go from here

This blog has been around (in various forms) since 2006. Initially, I blogged (in Dutch) about stuff related to Nieuwe Garde, eventually this turned into a regular personal blog with the occasional update.

I think I lost you

For the second part of 2010, I used this blog mainly to share interesting articles I found in my various RSS-feeds, hoping that you would appreciate my curation of these articles. In the process, whatever interaction I had with you, my reader, disappeared from this blog and moved mostly to Twitter. This, I think is not exactly what I wanted.

So I am considering how to proceed from here.

How do I engage you?

First and foremost, I guess I will have to provide you with information, either self-generated or curated, that interests you. For you to take an interest, I believe the content of this weblog need to be of apparent interest to me. If I write about stuff that I care passionately about, that energy will shine through and attract readers.

Some topics are coming up already, I will post on that pretty soon.

Secondly, I need to foster the conversation better. I decided to do this by replacing the existing WordPress comments-system with Disqus, an tool that brings all comments and related tweets into one conversation. But that’s just the technical side of it. The re is a more important thing I think I need to do.

Why don’t I ask you?

But most importantly, I think I will start the conversations differently. I will start to ask questions more, instead of only sending my opinions into the world.

So here it is, please leave your feedback below:

  • What topics would you like me to cover?
  • What knowledge do you think I can/should share with you?
  • How can I help you?

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10 Ways Social Media Will Transform Events in 2010

Very similar to my points during last years meeting of the MPI in Amsterdam RAI. Check out my slides (in Dutch) from that presentation here:

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Attendees will not wait for microphones to ask questions. They will text or tweet those questions as they think of them.
Attendees will answer questions for the speaker – while she is talking.
Attendees will tell you that the speaker stinks, the ice sculpture is melting and the croissants are stale – in real time.
Attendees will expect to connect with other delegates before, during and after the event
Virtual attendees will start using social media to engage with your content and the onsite face-to-face attendees
Attendees will want a voice in the discussion, learning and decision making process
New events will emerge from online communities
Attendees will register for your event if their contacts are attending.
Events will become communities that last for weeks and months rather than a few short days
Sharable content will be the way that your event is discovered by new attendees.



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