10 Ways Social Media Will Transform Events in 2010

Very similar to my points during last years meeting of the MPI in Amsterdam RAI. Check out my slides (in Dutch) from that presentation here: http://speakonomy.com/lezing/17/revolutie-in-communicatie/

Amplify’d from www.eventcoup.com
Attendees will not wait for microphones to ask questions. They will text or tweet those questions as they think of them.
Attendees will answer questions for the speaker – while she is talking.
Attendees will tell you that the speaker stinks, the ice sculpture is melting and the croissants are stale – in real time.
Attendees will expect to connect with other delegates before, during and after the event
Virtual attendees will start using social media to engage with your content and the onsite face-to-face attendees
Attendees will want a voice in the discussion, learning and decision making process
New events will emerge from online communities
Attendees will register for your event if their contacts are attending.
Events will become communities that last for weeks and months rather than a few short days
Sharable content will be the way that your event is discovered by new attendees.

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