Some thought on where to go from here

This blog has been around (in various forms) since 2006. Initially, I blogged (in Dutch) about stuff related to Nieuwe Garde, eventually this turned into a regular personal blog with the occasional update.

I think I lost you

For the second part of 2010, I used this blog mainly to share interesting articles I found in my various RSS-feeds, hoping that you would appreciate my curation of these articles. In the process, whatever interaction I had with you, my reader, disappeared from this blog and moved mostly to Twitter. This, I think is not exactly what I wanted.

So I am considering how to proceed from here.

How do I engage you?

First and foremost, I guess I will have to provide you with information, either self-generated or curated, that interests you. For you to take an interest, I believe the content of this weblog need to be of apparent interest to me. If I write about stuff that I care passionately about, that energy will shine through and attract readers.

Some topics are coming up already, I will post on that pretty soon.

Secondly, I need to foster the conversation better. I decided to do this by replacing the existing WordPress comments-system with Disqus, an tool that brings all comments and related tweets into one conversation. But that’s just the technical side of it. The re is a more important thing I think I need to do.

Why don’t I ask you?

But most importantly, I think I will start the conversations differently. I will start to ask questions more, instead of only sending my opinions into the world.

So here it is, please leave your feedback below:

  • What topics would you like me to cover?
  • What knowledge do you think I can/should share with you?
  • How can I help you?

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