Rework – Jason Fried

Rework - Jason Fried

This was on my to-read list for a while, and I am happy I finally found time to read it. I have been a fan of 37Signals‘ software for a while, and with my company De Ondernemers we are happy users of Basecamp and Highrise.

“Scratch your own itch”

What is interesting to know is that these products came about as byproducts: 37Signals was a web development company first and foremost but disovered various ‘itches’ that they decided to scratch themselves: easy and simple tools to manage projects, document conversations and keep track of customer contacts, for instance. Noone else made a product they liked, so they decided to build them themselves.

Getting Real

37Signals released a book once before:”[amazon_link id=”0578012812″ target=”_blank” ]Getting Real[/amazon_link]”. You can still get it on their website, and it basically lays out the very same concepts that ‘Rework’ does:

  • ASAP is poison
  • Underperform your competitors
  • Fire the workaholic
  • Emulate drug dealers
  • Pick a fight
  • Planning is guessing
  • Inspiration is perishable

Why would you read Rework if you have already read Getting Real?

Because it is a great refresher. Because is does contain more focused knowledge. Because ‘[amazon_link id=”0307463745″ target=”_blank” ]Rework[/amazon_link]’ is an easier read for those that are not in the web development business.

Do not just read Rework, act on it

As a bit of advice, I would suggest that you not only read Rework (which should take you less than two hours), but that you also use it as a set of exercises/questions that you can use to research your current business attitude. Pick a weekly moment to discuss and review the points put forward in the book. What can you rework?


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