Five thoughts on Apple’s iPad mini Event

Yeah, I know, you can care less about yet another review on Apple’s events or products introduced. I don’t care, this is my blog. Click away if you want to 😉

Yesterdays Apple Event (you can watch it here) introduced the iPad mini. And it also introduced the 4th generation iPad, all new iMacs and an all new 13″ MacBook Pro! And new Mac mini’s!

Although it was an impressive display of innovation to say the least, a couple of things really stuck out for me:

  1. Isn’t it interesting how the iPad is going the way of the iPod?
    as time progresses, more different versions are introduced, most likely to reach as many different customers as possible. And different here is not only in price-points, but also form factor.
  2. Isn’t it interesting how the iPhone is NOT going in that direction?
    Instead: Apple keeps around older versions of the iPhone, effectively also reaching different customer groups. Here the difference is also price points but mostly specs (Yeah I know, specs are done with according to some, but nevertheless).
  3. Optical media (DVD/CD) are done. Over.
    Now, same as the Mac mini and Macbook Air, iMac has lost its Optical Drive.
  4. Hard Disk Drives are next to become obsolete, according to Apple.
    Did you notice that both the new iMac and the new Mac mini can be equipped with so called ‘Fusion Drives‘, that combine the advantages of SSD and HDD, and perform almost as fast as SSDs?
  5. Is it me, or has Apple stopped using the word ‘user’ in favor of the word ‘customer’?
    Did Jack Dorsey’s post on users have anything to do with that? 

Just throwing them out there, let me know what you think.написать текст по кругу онлайн

A grand idea not executed is still worthless. or is it?

As part of completing our bankruptcy filing, the trustee has moved to sell of all the domain names we had gathered over the years. We had a sit down with the trustee, and went through a very long list. Looking through the list, I am reminded of a lot of fun projects that we came up with but did not execute. Who knows what someone else might have done with that same url had we not claimed it.

The thought triggered a flasback to this great post from Derek Sivers: Ideas are a multiplier of execution.

To me, ideas are worth nothing unless executed. They are just a multiplier. Execution is worth millions.

We’ll find out how much other people value the ideas behind these urls, or if they see a chance to put their own idea behind one, since the trustee is putting them up for auction online. He must have pulled a few others together as well, since I cannot recall registering any urls for kid’s clothing 🙂

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