Ron Gonggrijp On the Twitter court order

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I could easily spend all my time answering the same questions with the same answers instead of taking some time to think for myself. This is not your fault. I can see there’s a story here and you need to cover it. I just hope you’ll forgive me for writing down my thoughts just once on this blog. I realize you may “just have a few questions” or desperately need my voice or footage of my talking head, but I’ll most likely still point you to this text. It’s nothing personal.

Being involved in a criminal investigation, and especially one which is likely to have huge political pressure behind it, is a very serious matter. So I am talking to lawyers, trying to better understand what is going on and I am weighing my options. Frequent readers of this blog will likely be the first to know if I have something new to say.



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5 topics re. Silicon Valley versus New York

A great read, all five of them!

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  1. Monocultures have negative impact. Polycultures take longer to create powerful organisms but inherently build ones that are more adaptable.
  2. Living in a city is inherently a social experience. Living in a car-driven society isn’t.
  3. Everyone poaches techies — the New York tech scene was born of those people that can’t be poached and found ways to attract like-minds.
  4. Don’t look at adversity as something that can be overcome with brute force, deal with it as a normal condition and you will find innovative workarounds.
  5. Businesses are ultimately about money so to continue fostering success, valley startup might do well to act a little more like New York ones if they want to build sustainable futures.



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Survey Says: The iPad Is Not A Kindle Killer

Publishers: wake up! You have ample audience available to you in the digital world!

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The Kindle appeals to heavy readers. Bookworms are a niche audience, but a lucrative one. About half of the people surveyed read between zero and ten books a year. But 16 percent read more than 25 books a year.



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