Finding the perfect eBook Reader App for iPad (via @baekdal)

The iBook app takes quite a beating.

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The ebook market has just started, but already accounts for 9% of the total. The apps are good, but not perfect. What I really want is:

  • The openness of Stanza, allowing me to take any book, from any source, and read it on whatever reader I decide to use.
  • The buying experience of the iBook store, which is far superior to anything else out there.
  • The cloud based synching, auto-download, and availability of the Kindle, so that I no longer have to sync or redownload books on my other devices.
  • The availability of eReader, which offers more books that matches my taste in fiction (note: Amazon have the biggest selection overall, but lacks the niche content)
  • The readability and interface of Kobo, which are just more pleasing to the eye.



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